Digital has made an incredible impact on businesses and organizations across all industries. To survive, brands need to transform and adapt internal structures and processes, continually reinvent themselves, and create a consumer-centric digital culture…


How do you build an SEO dream team?

Here at Koozai, our people are our driving force, and are far and away our most valuable asset. That’s why we focus on making sure we have the right people with the right skills and the right attitude. I believe that as an agency we have taken...
Emma NorthBy Emma North

SEO Myths: The Ultimate Guide

Organic search is an extremely valuable marketing channel for brands and businesses to reach and influence consumers throughout the purchase funnel and increase revenue. But it's also misunderstood. Those who don't...
Kristine SchachingerBy Kristine Schachinger

Can PR & SEO Play Nicely Together?

There has always been a love/hate relationship between public relations and SEO. However, in recent times, signs of a tentative rapprochement have been developing, in part because of changes made by Google to its...
Andrew SmithBy Andrew Smith