Rank Tracking and Intelligence

Access fast, flexible, accurate and insightful rank-tracking. Segment by device or location, and get accurate Traffic Forecasting, Market Analysis, and Share of Search in your data.

Reliable Ranking Data Down To Zip/Post Code.

Reliable Ranking Data Down To Zip/Post Code.

Enjoy the ranking intelligence you want on your market.

  • Get the ranking data you want -- when you want it -- and with search volume, CPCs and estimated traffic by keyword already calculated
  • Filter on everything from universal results to tags and ranking ranges to ranking pages for better insights

Manage Ranking Flux and Keyword Cannabilization

Identify, manage, and optimize similar keywords and pages

  • See all of the pages which rank (and have ranked, over time) for a given keyword.
  • Identify when and where ranking flux, or keyword cannablization is occurring.

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Manage Ranking Flux and Keyword Cannabilization
Accurate Traffic Forecasting.

Accurate Traffic Forecasting.

Turn ranking data into better, smarter forecasts.

  • Use smarter, more accurate forecasts to communicate the business of SEO and content marketing
  • Access easy-to-use, one-click forecasts for channels, groups and page forecasting with scenario and through-time analysis baked in

Market Analysis and Share of Search.

Who are your competitors and who’s winning and losing?

  • Discover your competition and the hard numbers behind who is winning and losing for all -- or specific -- groups of keywords
  • Integrate with reporting components that output to tables and charts in Excel and PDF
  • Track through-time to make trend reporting easy
Market Analysis and Share of Search.
Easy to Use, Fast to Set Up.

Easy to Use, Fast to Set Up.

Track and report on what matters fast.

  • Retain historic ranking data by importing it for data security and reporting continuity
  • Add new keywords from Visibility or external sources in just a few clicks
  • Enjoy the latest search volume and CPC data supplied by Linkdex or add and supplement with your own

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  • Get started fast with easy onboarding & training
  • Import and connect data from other platforms
  • Scale with your business, websites and markets
  • Up-skill teams with training & accreditation
  • Build workflows with tasks, reporting and alerts

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