Smart, Flexible SEO Alerting

Set up cus­tom alerts, in-plat­form or via email, so you’re informed when there are changes to key met­rics.

Know first and take action

Know first and take action

In platform and via email, alerts will find you. Including:

  • Sig­nif­i­cant changes in rank and traf­fic
  • New top rank­ings
  • Rank­ing and page flux 
  • New and lost links 
  • Com­peti­tor intel­li­gence

How does it work?

Alerts will check the data for changes matching the user’s configurations.

If an alert con­di­tion is matched then a noti­fi­ca­tion will be issued via a face­book style in-app noti­fi­ca­tion bar, and option­al­ly in an email if the user has request­ed it. When clicked the alert will take the user to a fil­tered view to see the data con­cerned.

How does it work?
Set-up to be relevant

Set-up to be relevant

Alerts can be powerful but need to be relevant so they don’t become distracting.

  • Define who gets alert­ed and how often 
  • Spec­i­fy which key­words groups are rel­e­vant to whom 
  • Set thresh­olds for traf­fic and rank change 
  • Be broad or speci­fic

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