A Linkdex Stories Animation from Simon Heseltine:

This sketch is an amalgamation of customer discussions that I may or may not have heard over the years. Obviously some of them have been slightly exaggerated (no ducks were harmed in reality), but the intent of this video is to get across some of the education gaps that do exist out there.

Some people believe that SEO is a switch that you turn on and off, it’s a magic wand that you wave to make things happen right away.  The truth is that SEO takes time, and depending on the competition, and the artifacts that you have available to you, that time will vary.  Sure you can make some things happen in 7-10 days, but you’re not going to knock out major news sites with legitimate, aged, ranking articles about the company in that time frame.

As for the last paragraph about recommendations not being implemented.  Yes, that was said by one prospect, who did not become a client. But at least he was up front about it, many’s the time that a company has pulled in an outside SEO to come in and make recommendations, and then completely ignored them.  Then 6 months down the road when the organic traffic hasn’t changed, they blame the consultant, SEO in general, or both…

Thankfully, not all clients are like Mr. Digitalis and his ilk.