Oliver Snoddy, Head of Planning, Twitter UK, @olisnoddy

The original vision behind Twitter was to use different signals within cities to know what is happening and where in real time – “the pulse of the planet”. The foundation of the platform is very democratic since content rises purely by natural selection – it catches people’s imagination of what they are thinking of. Oly kindly shared some of Twitter’s key figures which will give you good indications of just how differently and smart, people are using the platform to optimise  their unique realtime marketing opportunities.

Key facts about Twitter:

  • A billion tweets every 2.5 days
  • ‘The place’ where news break e.g the Vauxhall helicopter crash – how did that story break into mainstream news? At 8:03am first tweet featured a picture of the crash, a few minutes later another photo was tweeted. The BBC officially reported the accident for the first time at 8:17am -meaning that individual Twitter users have witnessed the incident and brought the story to the public’s attention.
  • Based on a democratic foundation
  • Niche communities are building on the platform– for people to share their interests e.g #WeNurses
  • Twitter’s mission statement is to be “the shortest distance between you and what interests you” –  additionally it is often used to verify an individual’s personal identity
  • Currently 10 million users in the UK
  • 200 million users globally
  • 80% access Twitter by mobile device in the UK compared to 55% in the US
  • TV is a key interest of Twitter – the Superbowl was probably the most recent event with Oreo’s impulsice-live tweets responding quickly to the power cut – they really did optimise their realtime marketing opportunity
  • 95% of public conversations are taking place on Twitter
  • 60% of UK Twitter users use the platform while watching TV
  • 40% of all Twitter traffic around peak time is about TV
  • # have  quickly become mainstream – brands/advertisers are now using them on billboard ads, TV ads, online ads,etc. Brands we have seen adopting the # include Nike, Adidas, Lynx, Weetabix, Sainsbury’s, Mercedes Benz and many more)
  • The platform to reflect and create both locally and globally
  • Regarding the 140 character limitation Twitter believes and feels that “Constraint Inspires Creativity”
  • Conversations are building brands – a brand’s reputation and perception is largely based on its relationships with its stakeholders and at the bottom of avery
  • Mass conversations have enabled power movements such as crisis management (e.g natural disaster crisis management)