My name is Valbona and I am the newest member of the Linkdex marketing team. I moved to London just two months ago from Italy – so everything is pretty exciting for me: new city, new job, a different language and culture. In other words, a fresh start!

I always had a crush on London, so far this was only platonic – until this August! I came for the Olympics and that trip represented the point of no return. All the little doubts I had magically vanished.

I left my job (we weren’t made for each other!), I sold my car, packed my stuff and bought a one-way flight to London. Was I impulsive? Yes, probably that’s what most people thought about me.

There’s a Latin proverb that says “Audentes fortuna iuvat”, it means “Fortune helps the brave” and that’s what happened to me. I found the job that I wanted in a great company where I learn something new every day, thank you Linkdex!

My role is to organise and promote Linkdex’s events and I feel this will be pretty challenging but great fun at the same time. We have big plans for 2013, it’s already guaranteed to be a very busy year. We will be travelling the world, covering expos from London to San Francisco, from Oslo to New York.

The first event I’ll organise for Linkdex will be SES London – one of the biggest. It might be a bit of a challenge for a newbie like me – well, but challenge accepted!

What else can I say? I really look forward to see the fruits of my labor and showing them to you.