Linkdex is great at analyzing, profiling or segmenting your competitors’ links. But there are great link building opportunities out there that aren’t linking to you or your competitors.

A great way to look for these sites is to use Google searches that use additional search text called operators. Our favourite of these are:

intitle: and inurl:

These commands combine brilliantly with the keywords that are exactly what you do / what your business offers (for us this would be SEO, SEO Software, SEO Tools) and words that define specific opportunities like “guest blogging”.

This means we might type exactly this into the Google search box:

[SEO] intitle:”guest post”

Try it out to see what results you get. Be sure to include the brackets.

Now to help you make the most of specific link building opportunities we’d like to share some of these Link Building Google Searches.

When you find a good link prospect, add it to your Linkdex Link Prospect Folders.

Guest Post On Third-party Blogs

We used this in our example so we’ll continue to explore this area some more. Here are some additional search queries worth trying out if you are prepared to approach the blogger and offer to write them a post that links to you.

[Your Keyword] intitle:”guest post”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”guest blogger”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”guest article”

[Your Keyword] inurl:”category/guest”

[Your Keyword] ”guest post”

[Your Keyword] “guest blogger”

[Your Keyword] ”guest article”

[Your Keyword] ”become a contributor”

[Your Keyword] ”write for us”

[Your Keyword] ”write for me”

Bloggers In Your Niche

Blogs are great places to get links from because they usually link out and you can usually get hold of the blogger relatively easily. Here are some searches to find bloggers that write about what you want to be found for.

[Your Keyword] intitle:”blog”

[Your Keyword] inurl:”blog”

[Your Keyword] blogs

Don’t forget to add your location based keywords e.g. town, city, zip/postcode to your keywords if you’re looking for local bloggers.

Bloggers That Do Weekly or Monthly Round-ups

It’s something our favourite SEO blogs do and these posts are always really useful. In fact it’s a strategy you could use for your own business. As the title suggests, bloggers pull together a summary of the best posts written on other blogs on a niche and publish the post in the form of a roundup. Finding bloggers who do roundups and getting on their reading list is the easy bit to this strategy, having content they would like to share is the real key to making this strategy work.

[Your Keyword] intitle:”roundup”

[Your Keyword] ”roundup”

‘Top This’, ‘Best That’ Lists

A common type of blog post that is written to be useful and attract links is the ‘TOP X’ List , where a blogger has pulled together a niche list of resources they consider to be an authoritative view of the topic. This presents you with a couple of opportunities, the first is to ask to be retrospectively added to the list. The second is to get on their radar for future list based resources. Either way you MUST be a genuine contender to be on the list, if you’re not, don’t ask.

[Your Keyword] intitle:”top list”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”top tips”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”the best”

[Your Keyword] “top list”

[Your Keyword] “top tips”

[Your Keyword] “the best”

Another bonus link building tip comes from when you use this strategy on your own blog. If you tell the people you’ve included on your list, there’s a good chance they will blog about the fact they are on your list and link to you.

Find Bloggers That Might Want To Interview You

If you are particularly knowledgeable about what you do, or even better have a good reputation, the chances are bloggers will want to interview you individually or as part of a group interview. When they write up and publish the interview they will include a link to your site.

[Your Keyword] intitle:”q and a with”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”interview with”

[Your Keyword] “q and a with”

[Your Keyword] “interview with”

Blogs That Might Want To Use and Share Your Infographics or Widgets

A common link building technique is to create infographics and widgets other sites would want to embed on their site and link to you.

[Your Keyword] intitle:”infographics”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”widgets”

Other variations would include: “podcasts”, “videos”, “whitepapers”, “research”.

News Sites That Might Want To Report Your News

You may think you know all the sites that report news in your industry and/or local area, but the chances are you’ll find ones you don’t know about with this simple search. Once you’ve found them, keep them safe for the moment when you’ve got the kind of news they like to write about, and get in touch.

[Your Keyword] intitle:”news”

Forums You May Want To Get Involved In

Forums are great places to get links from, either as part of your signature or part of the general discussion. If you are going to join in, do it in a honest and useful way.

[Your Keyword] intitle:”forum”

[Your Keyword] inurl:”forum”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”community”

[Your Keyword] inurl:”community”

[Your Keyword] “forum”

[Your Keyword] “community”

[Your Keyword] “powered by phpbb”

[Your Keyword] “powered by vbulletin”

Targeting Your Niche or Geography

There are some good niche directories, clubs, groups and associations out there and finding them can be straightforward using searches like:

[Your Keyword] intitle:”directory”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”group”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”association”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”neighborhood”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”club”

[Your Keyword] intitle:”chamber of commerce”

[Your Keyword]

Finding Websites That Link If You Sponsor Them

For what can often be a relatively small amount of cash, you can sponsor a website and earn yourself a link. Here are some searches that will help you find sites that accept sponsorship already.

[Your Keywords] inurl:”sponsors”

[Your Keywords] inurl:”donors”

Also try including your geography as a supplement and replacement for your keywords to find even more link targets.

Contests & Promotion Links

If you’re running a competition or promotion, here are some searches that find sites that may publish yours and link to you.

[Your Keywords] intitle:”contest”

[Your Keywords] contest intitle:submit

[Your Keywords] “contest list”

[Your Keywords] intitle:”giveaway”

[Your Keywords] giveaway intitle:submit

PLUS don’t forget sites that would not normally publish contests and promotions may still publish yours if it’s good enough and pitched in the right way.

Product Reviews

Although you often need to pay for product reviews either through free product samples or cash, you will get valuable links.

[Your Keywords] intitle:reviewed

[Your Keywords] reviews inurl:submit

Note that using product category names and types as keywords works well here.

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