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James Chant

James Chant
James is Linkdex's Product Manager. He's worked at Linkdex for almost 4 years, from its days as a small tech start-up to the international, award-winning company it is today. He works with different departments to release new features, innovations and improvements that clients will love. You can find him at

Linkdex Wins US and UK Search Awards

Last month we were delighted to receive the 2013 US Search Award for Best SEO Software and on Thursday night we followed that success by winning the same prize at the UK Search Awards. Winning in both countries is a great recognition of how Linkdex has evolved over the past year to develop some exciting market-first technology and become a must-have platform for brands and agencies around the world.

An Enterprise SEO Platform for 2014 and Beyond

Part of what makes the platform unique is that – despite winning in the Best SEO Software category – it’s not solely an SEO platform. This is because to have market leading visibility in search engines you need to also be great at Content Marketing, PR, Analytics and Social Media. So with a search marketing lens Linkdex provides the data and platform to bring the relevant skills from each of these marketing disciplines together in order to outperform the competition. We believe this integration is what will help brands win in ‘2014 and beyond’.


Thank you to our Clients

As a SaaS platform we are very lucky to partner marketers from many of the best brands and agencies in the world. It’s the strength of these relationships that is helping to continually enhance the platform. In fact, with the help of our clients, Q1 2014 promises to be our most innovative period of development in the companies history.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in signing up to the platform, or simply want to find out whether we can help you make more from your online marketing channels – fill out the form on the right and someone from our team will be in touch. We look forward to discussing Linkdex with you in more detail.

Linkdex Wins US Search Awards 2013 for Best SEO Software

We’re delighted to announce that last night we won the 2013 US Search Award for Best SEO Software! We were up against some great competition but we’re very proud to have won the prize.

This award follows some recent success in Europe, where we won the 2013 European Search Awards prize for Innovation. We’ve also been nominated for Best SEO Software for the UK Search Awards, which will be announced on the 14th November.

Thank you to all our clients who have helped shape the product and provided us with valuable feedback. If you would like to hear more about the platform, please email us at

US Search Award Enters Beta

At the end of last week we hosted over 200 people at an industry Think Tank on why ‘Great Content Matters’ and then attended the Content Marketing Show. It was refreshing to see how much investment some of the biggest agencies and brands are putting into ‘quality content’, whether it’s a cutting-edge creative campaign or something basic they’ve perfected to the minutest detail.

Well, at Linkdex we’ve been working behind the scenes on a brand new website. A place where you can curate, discuss and promote the best content from any industry.

So here it is! Without further ado we’re delighted to launch into Beta:

Smarter Content Homepage

What makes so special?

Because almost everyone in our industry is on Twitter (plus, that’s where so much great content is shared), we’ve integrated the social network very closely with our site. You can:

  • Upvote a submission simply by re-tweeting it (this is triggered when you click an ‘up arrow’ on the site)
  • Even better, you can publish content examples to the site by simply including the #smartercontent hashtag when you tweet a link! (see image below)
  • You can also log into the site via Twitter to upload content case studies.

We think this is a really interesting way to easily share and promote the best content, whilst also providing a nicely presented, integrated website to showcase the best of the best.

Submitting on the #SmarterContent hashtag

  Submitting via the #smartercontent hashtag when using Twitter.

What makes content smarter?

OK content isn’t OK. If you really want your content to attract, educate, engage and convert visitors it needs to tick some of the following boxes:

What makes Content Smarter

How is this connected to Linkdex? Do I have to pay for anything? is separate from the Linkdex platform and it’s completely free – just login with your Twitter account.

We created this site because we believe in creating and sharing smarter content. We also recognize it can be hard to find inspiration when you need to create something amazing! So hopefully in the future you can search for content in your industry (e.g. “#automotive”) and find the newest or the all-time-greatest examples of content relevant to you.

What do you mean it’s in Beta?

Because we’ve just launched the site – and since there is so much cool functionality that comes with it – there are bound to be a few hiccups. Over the next week or two we’re going to be working really hard on making this perfect. In the meantime, if you see anything out of place please let us know. It’s a great chance to familiarize yourself with the site and get on the leaderboard before everyone else hears about it!

So try it out, send us feedback and don’t forget – when you’re about to tweet an example of great content, chuck the #smartercontent hashtag on the end and we’ll turn it into a submission on the site!

Getting Started with Retargeting at #SMXLondon

Koozai’s Anna Lewis gave a great introduction to retargeting (or ‘remarketing’) at SMX London this afternoon, in a session entitled Ready, Aim, Fire… Then Retarget. Because she has recapped most of the detailed points on the Koozai blog, I’m simply going to re-assert the points she made about what it is, how easy it is to set up and what the potential benefits are.

Retargeting Dashboard

What is Retargeting (aka ‘Remarketing’)?

Remarketing is smart way of advertising to people who have already visited your site. Because the adverts are aimed at a specific audience, it can greatly improve conversions. According to Anna’s sources (Criteo), remarketing has shown to make the audience around 70% more likely to convert, moist likely because they’ve already shown an interest in your site and what you’re offering.

Another interesting statistic was that the average CPC for remarketing adverts is only 40p and the average CTR is 0.18%.

How do I get started?

Remarketing Code

  • Add the remarketing code (e.g. above. See Anna’s post for more)
  • Update your Privacy Policy to explain how you’re using it
  • Agree to the Google Terms of Service
  • Link your accounts (it wont work if your Analytics and Adwords accounts aren’t connected)
  • Create lists to gather people and then build targeted campaigns.

Lists and Ad Creation

Once you’re ready to create some remarketing adverts you need to do two more things.

1. Create lists and target different segments

When creating lists to deal with different people, ask what you’re going to promote and who the leads are. You might target people based on:

  • Pricing
  • Seasonal behaviours (Anna’s example was that, if they have bought flowers on Valentine’s day, maybe they’ll buy some on Mother’s Day)
  • Locations
  • Abandonment – i.e. you can convince people to complete their purchase if they were close.
  • Device and technology
  • Cross selling
  • Target email readers
  • Offer rewards
  • Target social fans or people who have spent a lot of time on your site researching.

2. Create an advert

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of retargeted adverts around. Anna pointed out that you should consider call to actions, brand colours, clear information, animation, tempting offers, make them relevant to use, include USPs, and use eye catching images.

Of course you then need to optimise and measure

Anna was kind enough to create and share a dashboard to help you do that, which you can find here. She also posted a link so you can see what data Google is gathering on you for remarketing purposes. Thanks to Anna for a great introductory look at remarketing.

Linkdex Think Tank on 30th May

Bill Gates was right. Content is King. We now live in a world where only great content gets noticed, gets shared, gets traffic and influences your audience to engage with a brand. That’s why we’re pleased to announce a new Think Tank on the topic of Great Content Matters, to take place on 30th May from 1pm-5pm.

Great Speakers

Leading speakers who are working with some of the biggest brands in the world will be sharing their thoughts on how to create, publish, socialise, optimise and measure the impact of great content. Speakers include:

  • Simon Penson – Zazzle Media
  • Andrew Smith – Escherman
  • Marcos Guerrero – Thomas Cook
  • Mat Morrison – Starcom MediaVest
  • Danny Denhard –
  • Matt Roberts – Linkdex
  • Jonathan Alderson – Twentysix Digital
  • Phil MacKechnie – MoneySupermarket

Great Venue

It takes place at the Grange Holborn Hotel, the event will be followed by complementary drinks at the hotel’s Sky Bar (below) but, like our previous events, it is invitation only since tickets go so quickly! If you would to join the waiting list for a ticket please email us now!

Grange Hotel Holborn Sky Bar

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