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Audience Segmentation (To Stop Our Content Marketing Being Crap) #FullStack15

Last Week’s Full Stack Marketing 2015 was, by all accounts, one of the exciting and informative events of the marketing year. Linkdex’s Head of SEO Best Practice, Kirsty Hulse, gave a talk on Audience Segmentation (To Stop Our Content Marketing Being Crap)… in case you missed it, you can check out the slides below…


How well developed is your SEOInstinct?

Test Your SEOinstinct

Summer 2015. A summer like many others in the UK. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes the sun shines. On this specific day it was raining. And what do those working in digital marketing and SEO do when it rains? They go to the pub.

To cut a long story short… Kirsty, Jono, and Bas walk out of the Linkdex offices and see… rain. Needless to say the nearest pub was found quickly.

As we often do when it rains, we started reminiscing. And being SEOs, we reminisced specifically about the SEO industry.

How things have changed! The character of the industry has changed, because SEO has changed. But how much really? Sure, Google is different and there are competition is much greater. But what’s really different?

Well, for one thing, the data is.

“We” as SEO’s used to be able to easily see what changes were needed, what sites were good or bad. The ‘data’ was in our heads. Can we still do that? Some SEO’s will claim they can still ‘see’ it. That they have an ‘instinct’. Jono saw this as a challenge and started building.

As luck would have it, Linkdex has tons of data we can use. We can actually check! So Kirsty dove into the system and dug up some data. Data on actual traffic coming from search.

Data that Jono then used to build something that would show guesswork is nice, instinct is nice, but data will probably show it is not as straight forward as you might think.

Here’s what Jono made: a challenge for you. Jono challenges you to show if your instinct is as good you would think (or want? ;-) ).

How does it work?

It’s simple, you will see 10 different sets of pages. Within 10 seconds, guess which of the two pages gets most search traffic. In the end we’ll give you your answer to how well your SEO instinct is developed!

Have fun (we did)!

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