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The Future of Links: Where we were and where are we headed?

This is an expert contribution from Julie Joyce

Flash Back To 2002

Way back in 2002, I wasn’t obsessed with links like I am today. In fact, they were at the bottom of my priority list for any site that I worked on as I was busy doing on-site optimization and running paid ads for the most part. A couple of clients that I worked with did want links but I wasn’t sold on them because the (naughty at times) methods that I was using back then were working. I feel like a grandmother reliving her time in Capri when I think about it. The cloaking! The keyword stuffing! It worked very well until it didn’t.

Links were obviously important but back then, I truly didn’t think I needed to build them.


How times have changed! (more…)

Like Sterling Cooper & Partners, Linkdex Has Opened an LA Office

It’s #TheEndofAnEra at AMC, but #TheBeginningofAnEra at Linkdex as our U.S. base grows coast to coast. (more…)

Stay up to date with what’s happening at the Adobe Summit London 2015

As we told you a few weeks ago, Linkdex will be present at the Adobe Summit London 2015. On the day, you’ll find Linkdex Co-Founder Matt Roberts, our VP of Managed Services, Collette Easton, our new CMO, Cormac Loughran, and Kirsty Hulse, our Head of SEO Best Practice. Do come say hello and catch up, we’re all looking forward to what is set to be an inspirational day of talks and networking. (more…)

Linkdex’ Entity Search Wins EU Search Award, Bas van den Beld Personality of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Linkdex won Best Innovation Software for Entity Search last week at the European Search Awards in Berlin. The award goes nicely with all the other awards in the UK, Europe and the US we’ve won before. At the same awards our very own Bas van den Beld won “European Search Personality of the Year”, which shows that people and platform are a great combination. (more…)

Mobile SEO Now 2015: Do brands underestimate the importance of mobile search?

mobile seo blog

“Mobile interactions take place at all stages of consumer buying cycles, and sometimes entire purchase journeys take place exclusively on people’s mobile devices.”

“Mobile SEO – The Moment Is Now”, Mobile SEO Now 2015 (more…)

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