The right moment: Bas van den Beld joins Linkdex

Today we have some exciting news for you… As of December 1st Bas van den Beld will be joining the Linkdex team!

Linkdex is a little over four years old. Almost four years ago after we launched we took a team to SES London to show the industry what we could do. It was the first time we showed our product to the bigger crowds and luckily the responses were great. We met up with many industry people to get feedback and see how we could work together.

Bas van den Beld Speaking

One of the people we talked to that day was Bas van den Beld. Bas at the time was running Searchcowboys and hosting a radio show on Webmasterradio. As a speaker he and one of our founders, John Straw, had been on stage together before and John got Bas to look at the product. Matt Roberts showed Bas the product and a friendship was born, between people and between Linkdex and Bas.

In the four years that followed, Bas and Linkdex connected on many different occasions, either working together on events or via State of Search / State of Digital, which Bas founded. And every time the cooperation was a success.

Many times the talks went further than just the occasion we were at together, and many times we talked about how we could do more together. The timing was never right. Until now.

We are happy to announce that as of December 1st, Linkdex and Bas van den Beld are going to work much closer together as Bas will join the Linkdex team, working on the Social and Digital PR and Marketing for Linkdex and Momentology.

Matt Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer at Linkdex is happy it finally came through:

“We’ve been trying to make this happen for a long while. It’s now happened and Linkdex are excited have one of the industries most respected and knowledgable marketers in the team. Helping to tell our success story to the world as we continue to innovate and grow.”

For Bas and Linkdex this is the best moment possible to intensify the work they do together. Bas, who will still be doing his training, consulting and speaking and will continue at State of Digital next to Linkdex, was looking for a new challenge and Linkdex is at the stage where it wants to take the next step, PR and Marketing wise.

In the next few months Bas will be putting over 15 years of Internet Marketing experience to work, giving you a better view of what Linkdex can do and helping Momentology grow to new heights.

Bas is looking forward to the challenge:

“Working with a team like that at Linkdex has always been on my wish list. Somehow we always knew this moment would come one day. I am looking forward to working with smart people on a great product!”

Want to get to know Bas?

If you don’t know Bas, you can follow him at @basvandenbeld, his personal websites are and State of Digital and of course read, you an now read his articles at Momentology. But here are some fun facts you might not know about him:

  • Did you know Bas van den Beld founded 3 major sites that became highly successful in the search industry?, and its successor
  • Did you know Bas used to study history?
  • Did you know Bas is married and has three children in the age of 5, 7 and 9?
  • Did you know that in the past two years Bas traveled to over 15 countries world wide to speak? Including countries like Iran, Ukraine and Iceland!
  • Did you know Bas is also a trainer in digital marketing topics?
  • Did you know Bas is Dutch? And that he is not the first Dutchman at Linkdex?

Meet the Linkdex Team At Toolscon and at the White Exchange

This November the Linkdex team will be attending 2 interesting events: Toolscon and the White Exchange. Let’s have closer look at these 2 conferences.


Toolscon is a new free 1 day conference organised by Rough Agenda and it takes place on Thursday the 20th of November at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. The event focuses on enterprise technology platforms, tools and services, and on how to use them effectively. Linkdex will be exhibiting and speaking there. The speaker list includes digital marketing experts such as Dixon Jones (@Dixon_Jones) from MajesticSEO, David Harling (@DavidHarling) from MoneySuperMarket as well as our CSO Matt Roberts (@matthewroberts), who is very excited about this new event:

“Toolscon is an interesting change from the normal marketing conference. It’s about the technology and data that’s shaping how how businesses market themselves. The challenge of creating a market winning technology stack and getting people to use it is significant. Conferences like this are critical the bringing these conversations out in the open.”

Matt and Jon Henshaw, CPO & Co-Founder of Raven Tools, will be speaking at 1:30pm. Don’t miss their presentation on “Human vs. Robot”.

White Exchange

On Monday the 24th of November, White will be celebrating their first anniversary after their rebrand hosting their annual White Exchange event at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Speakers from agencies and brands will be giving talks about “Turning Data into Strategy”. Linkdex’s Jono Alderson (@jonoalderson) is on the speaker list together with Daniel Bianchini (@danielbianchini) and Jason Denny (@black_hawk204) from White, Geoffrey Roberts from Democrata and Jon Myers (@JonDMyers) from Marin Software who said about the event:

“I’m really looking forward to taking part in the White Exchange event. It’s always great to be in a room with a group of people who are so knowledgeable on the latest trends in digital advertising.”

Linkdex are happy to support these insightful events. Let us know if you’re planning on attending either Toolscon or White Exchange, we would love to meet you there and talk about award multi-award winning enterprise SEO platform.

For the Love of Search! SearchLove London 2014

SearchLove London header

SearchLove London is a 2 day online marketing conference with an emphasis on search marketing and related disciplines, and is produced by Distilled. The event is held at The Brewery on Chiswell Street, the space gives the conference a very intimate feel with tons of great energy.

“SearchLove is one of my favourite highlights on the digital marketing calendar. It’s a sophisticated, exciting conference which is ostensibly focussed on SEO, but goes so much further; into wider marketing practices, technical disciplines, case studies and more. It attracts the best speakers and audiences in the industry, and everybody’s there to learn. The atmosphere is electric, and I always leave feeling inspired, motivated and envigorated.

It’s an honour to have been invited to speak this year, and I’m looking forward to delivering a super-technical talk. As one of the more advanced conferences, it’ll be good to geek out a bit on technical SEO with a captive audience!”

Jono Alderson – @JonoAlderson Head of Insights, Linkdex

SearchLove brings together unique speakers with new perspectives on search expertise and insights. This provides attendees with actionable information that they can then take back to their companies and implement. Focusing on search, topics range from the technical side, market research and keyword understanding through to promotional opportunities within search.

The conference is structured around just one track so that all attendees have the abilities of listening to each and every session. With a high emphasis on networking opportunities, the conference gives attendees the abilities of joining round table discussions at lunch for more in depth conversations. Day 1 concludes with the VIP dinner where attendees can enjoy more one on one discussions with speakers followed by the SearchLove Party at Amber Bar. Here guests will be greeted with lots of food, generous drinks and a continuation of the days high energy levels.

“One of the things I love the most about Lynsey & co’s SearchLove Event’s is how they’ve taken such a radically different editorial approach to most other digital marketing events. Pretty much every conference are adding more tracks, more speakers, more choice. SearchLove does something different. It says here are the absolutely essential speakers and topics. That approach means speakers really raise their game and attendees know they’re seeing the best possible sessions.”

Kelvin Newman – @KelvinNewman Marketing Director at SiteVisibility & Founder of BrightonSEO

Speakers to note:

  • Ade Lewis- Teapot Creative  @AdeJLewis – ‘Becoming a Digital Superhero’
  • Will Reynolds, SEER Interactive @WilReynolds – Marketing In Your Sleep: How to build links, engagements, mentions and shares with big content’
  • Justin Cutroni, Google @JustinCutroni – ‘Mobile Analytics: Straight talk on measuring your mobile efforts’
  • Will Critchlow, Distilled @WillCritchlow – ‘The Threat of Mobile’
  • Jono Alderson, Linkdex @JonoAlderson – ‘Turbocharging your WordPress Website’
“I am honoured to be asked back by distilled to speak at another one of their conferences. SearchLove 2011 was the first ever conference that I attended, it had a huge impact on my idea of what SEO was and opened my eyes to the wider world of digital marketing.
SearchLove attracts some of the best industry speakers in the world who talk actionably about a wide range of relevant topics, with fresh ideas that challenge your way of thinking and allow you to carry out your job knowing that you are doing the right thing.
I always leave the conference feeling inspired with a notepad full of the latest techniques that I can apply to my business and my clients. For me it is the best Digital Marketing conference of the year.”
Ade Lewis- @AdeJLewis – Company Director, Teapot Creative

SearchLove is a can’t miss event full of shareable information for the online marketing industry. To register or for more information on this event please check out the SearchLove London page.

The Digitalization of Marketing Conference

The Digitalization of Marketing is a new conference organized in partnership between Campaign and TU on Monday the 27th of November 2014 at the Felix konferansesenter in Oslo, Norway.

Linkdex is proud to support this new event that aims to provide unique insight on how international brands achieve success by using new digital tools and innovative thinking.

The organizers have invited speakers from some of the world’s leading brands, media and technology companies to share their knowledge with Northern European audience and help them becoming better digital marketers.


Our CSO, Matt Roberts, will be giving a talk on ‘Embracing complexity to influence customer decision journeys’.

When your customers want to buy your products and services, throughout the purchase funnel organic search is usually involved. They’re clicking on lots of websites on multiple devices to find, compare and evaluate what you sell. Managing complex behaviours and channels is hard. So brands don’t do it.

Matt will discuss how measuring, managing and influencing the search ecosystem in new ways is your opportunity and your competitive advantage.

Visit the TU website to see the full event agenda with the speaker profiles and presentation topics.

What’s hot in the iGaming industry? Download the eBook from Linkdex and Future iGaming to find out!

Landing Page Image

iGaming is a high stakes industry. One of the highest revenue online verticals, the industry has the additional challenge of being fraught with legislatory regulations and challenges, which are often unique for different territories.

At a Linkdex Think Tank earlier this year, run in partnership with 90 Digital and Future iGaming, we got together some the biggest names in iGaming to discuss the future of the industry.

The discussions unearthed some exciting topics, which have now been summarised in the iGaming eBook.

Download iGaming Strategy and Search

Make sure you give it a read to find out about the iGaming industry’s unique relationship with affiliate marketing, and how our traditional understand of brand reputation doesn’t really apply in iGaming (‘Online Reputation and Affiliates‘, Nick Garner). As well as the key themes driving the gambling industry (‘Key Drivers in Online Gambling‘, Rebecca Liggero), and ‘What’s Keeping the Executives up at Night’ (Ewa Bakun).

The chapters also cover universal analytics (‘Changing Channel‘, Jonathan Alderson), and why brands need to think about linkbuilding ‘beyond the niche’ with inspiring presentations on content marketing for iGaming from Marcus Taylor, Kirsty Hulse, Brian Dean, and Danny Ashton.

These are the key themes covered in the eBook:

1) Trends in iGaming for 2014/2015

The past twelve months have shown a handful of key areas in the online gambling industry that are driving innovation today. These key areas include iGaming in America, iGaming in Asia, Mobile Gambling, Social Gaming and Virtual Currency.

By far, the biggest driver of all is Mobile. Operators have seen an incredible growth (revenue-wise and customer-wise) coming from mobile. It’s now down to customer experience and a compelling mobile content, which is where investments are going next.

2) Speaking up for the iGaming industry

A key lesson for the iGaming industry, is that it needs to learn to proactively defend itself from those who want to undermine it. There remains a sentiment, driven by those who campaign against the industry, that the gambling industry represents a problem for the country.

In preparation for forthcoming and potential gambling legislation, gambling industry bodies need to unify their digital and high street businesses and fight the case for the gambling industry.

3) Stepping outside the niche

There is an assumption that people do not want to talk, or consume content about gambling but this is not the case. iGaming offers the potential to engage and entice consumers with content that they not only respond to, but want to share and recommend to their piers. The trick is to think beyond the niche – finding the crossover between iGaming and music, or iGaming and television, films, or sport, can give iGaming brands the chance to reach new markets and build links and recommendations.

Often targeting key personas, and building a picture of a customers needs and interests can give amazing insights into the kind of content brands should be looking to produce.

4) iGaming’s unique affiliate ecosystem

The iGaming industry has a unique affiliate ecosystem. The industry has a select group fiercely contested ‘gambling consideration’ keywords, for example “best football betting site”, which are dominated by big affiliate players.

This, coupled with the fact that iGaming has affiliate commissions of 20-34% (considerable higher than other key verticals such as travel or retail) it makes for a unique ecosystem in which it makes sense for these affiliate sites, to focus on driving clicks and traffic to iGaming brands, often at the expense of the sites own UX and reputation.

This means iGaming is the only industry which can sustain a ‘broken’ affiliate ecosystem which works!

Make sure you download the eBook for many more fascinating insights about the global iGaming industry.

Download iGaming Strategy and Search

Full list of contributors, and glossary of SEO tools:

Online Reputation and Affiliates
Nick Garner

Who will fight for the iGaming industry?
Mark Davies

Key drivers in online gambling
Rebecca Liggero

What keeps the iGaming executives up at night?
Ewa Bakun

Changing channel
Jono Alderson

Link Building beyond the niche
Marcus Taylor

iGaming without spam
Kirsty Hulse

Quality content
Brian Dean

Visual assets for iGaming
Danny Ashton

Glossary of SEO tools for the iGaming industry

Future iGaming Event – 2nd-4th December 2014

Future iGaming is Europe’s only event addressing future innovations in marketing for the Gambling/Gaming sector.

The event will be a fantastic opportunity to discuss innovations in gambling, and hear insights from 120+ digital marketing experts into how the iGaming industry are winning in their markets.

The event will take place America Square Conference Centre 2nd-4th December 2014.

Find out more here.

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