Join us at Adobe Summit 2015


The Adobe Summit 2015 is just around the corner, taking place from March 9th through the 13th at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, UT. Linkdex is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring and exhibiting at this years Summit alongside some of the Marketing Industry’s most recognized brands. Deloitte, PwC, Infosys, Lionbridge, Razorfish and more.


Make sure to stop by the Linkdex booth #404 in the Community Pavillion to take a peek at our SEO and content management platform, learn about our latest game-changing feature called Entity Search, and don’t forget to pick up your copy of SEO Now 2015.

SEO Now 2015 features in-depth insights and guidance from 24 leading experts and prominent thought-leaders on SEO strategy, analytics, technical SEO, content, link building, CRO, organic search business and marketing intelligence, and SEO reporting. SEO Now 2015 will also be available for download starting next week at


Want to pre-reserve your copy of SEO Now 2015? No problem, we’ll have it ready with your name on it at Booth #404.  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE


SEO Now 2015

Why you shouldn’t miss Adobe Summit:

Join over 5,000 marketing leaders as we explore the latest trends, ideas and best practices for getting the best results out of your digital strategy. With 135 in-depth sessions in ten tracks and hands on labs, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Keynote speakers include actor Michael Keaton, Sarah Gormely the CMO of Girl Scouts of the USA, VP, Customer Relationship Management & Channel Intelligence at Starwood Hotels, Chris Norton, and of course President and CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen.

Once you’ve hit the wall with a brain overload, join one of the various networking events happening each evening:


Tuesday, March 10th: Adobe Summit Welcome Reception 6:30-8:30pm at SPCC
Wednesday, March 11th: Summit Bash featuring Imagine Dragons at EnergySolutions Area from 7:30-10:30pm
Thursday, March 12th: Depot After Dark from 9pm -12am at The Depot
Friday, March 13th: Enjoy a full day of skiing, snow, and socializing at Canyons Resort Park City

For more information or to register for Adobe CLICK HERE

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Don’t forget to stop by booth #404 and pick up your copy of SEO Now 2015.

We look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake!

SEO Week is Here! A Whole Week of Webinars With Your SEO Heroes

This week, SEMrush is hosting a series of everyday webinars featuring a selection of SEO ‘Heroes’, ready to save the day!

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To round off a fantastic week of webinars, Linkdex’s Global Head of Insight, Jono Alderson, will be giving a talk on conducting a Live SEO Audit on Friday 13th February, at 3:00pm GMT/10:00 am EST.

Jono Alderson - SEOhero

All of the educational webinars are free, and anyone can sign up to learn about the most powerful SEO techniques and strategies. The webinars themselves will be targeted at those with intermediate to advanced knowledge of SEO.

The roundtables have already started so sign up ASAP to access all the recordings and live webinars.

Some more details about the other exciting webinars to come:

  • Wednesday, February 11th, 3:00pm GMT/10:00 am EST – Martin Shervington ‘Keyword research
  • Thursday, February 12th, 3:00pm GMT/10:00 am EST – Adam Vowles ‘Brand authority
  • Friday, February 13th, 3:00pm GMT/10:00 am EST – Jono Alderson ‘Live SEO Audit

The experts will be taking a fresh look at SEO in 2015, with tips and insights to help brands approach smarter. Already emerging in yesterday’s roundtable discussions, as trending topics:

  • Smarter SEO (i.e. Grown-up strategies that are both manageable and sustainable; and ones that will deliver results in both the short and long-term).
  • Delivering exceptional user experiences.
  • How SEO caters to all stages of the buying cycle.
  • Multi-device behaviour; improving attribution and analytics.
  • Building and engaging brand communities.

The week long webinars are a must attend for all in the business of SEO. Expect fresh, engaging discussions that take a modern stance on SEO, providing supportive, informational content, and improving positive signals across a range of consumer touch-points (rather than chasing links and traffic!) So don’t waste another moment…

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Linkdex Welcomes Cormac Loughran As New CMO

Cormac Loughran joining LinkdexLinkdex are a fast growing business. In the last four years, the staff have grown from just four (the Linkdex ‘Founding Fathers’) to a team of over 60 people in our UK and US offices.

And in 2015, we’ve no intention of slowing down! Today we are very proud to welcome another member to our team – on March 9th, Cormac Loughran, formerly of Dentsu Aegis Network, will join the company as our new CMO.

As well as several recent high-profile additions to the team, Linkdex also continues to grow our valuable client base, as well as the features and capabilities of the platform.

Cormac Loughran is an experienced veteran of the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape. His arrival is a sign of Linkdex’s ambitious growth plans in 2015, and we are all looking forward to working together and to what the year will bring.

Organic search is the dominant and most trusted media for consumers seeking to inform purchase decisions. It’s even bigger than social and paid media. This means SEO provides a huge opportunity for businesses. Linkdex, an award winning SEO platform for ambitious agencies and in-house marketing teams, has been pro-active in this space in the last five years and Cormac’s arrival will be a huge asset to our business.

Cormac recognizes the importance of organic search: “I’ve seen at first hand the growing importance of the organic search channel to our clients at Dentsu Aegis Network. To help deliver against business growth metrics in an increasingly globalised and convergent world, clients require best of breed technology and smart people. Linkdex has both and is on a compelling growth trajectory. I’m really excited by the opportunity to work with the Linkdex team as they build their brand and accelerate to become the clear, global market leader in the SEO space.”

Linkdex’ CEO Mark Smith emphasizes the importance of the move:

“Linkdex continues to double in size year on year. We’re now at the stage where the business is able to attract and utilise real talent in all areas of the business. Having a world-class CMO who understands the needs of client and agency partners is a key part of delivering the next leap in global growth.”

Cormac will join the Linkdex team starting March 9th and is looking forward to that date:

“What impressed me most about the Linkdex team is their passion. They live and breathe the SEO channel and set a high bar for themselves and the industry. They are tangibly pushing boundaries on data and strategy, resulting in the delivery of highly effective campaigns for their agency and client partners alike.”

We are all looking forward to working with you Cormac!

Want to know more about Cormac or want to talk to him? Get in touch!

Live with Linkdex Webinar: Aligning your Search and Content Strategies

Live With Linkdex Banner

Linkdex are hosting a live webinar to explore one of the most pressing topics for brands today: how to align search and content strategies.

Content marketing has proven itself to be a powerful medium, and many brands have made the transition into becoming online publishers, connecting and engaging with consumers via digital media.

However, there is a greater opportunity for brands to connect search and content to maximize business potential. Aligning search and content strategies means not just creating “content for content’s sake”, but creating and managing the content that will best meet and cater to user intent at the moments they are looking.

Consumer purchase journeys via search are multi-faceted and complex. Aligning search and content allows brands to understand consumers better, and to improve consumer experiences of your brand at every stage, and at every moment of the purchase funnel.

Join the discussion on January 28th and let’s explore how your brand can make search and content work together better.


Live with Linkdex Webinar Details:

Topic: Aligning your Search & Content Strategies

Date: January 28th, 2015

Time: 12pm EST (5pm GMT/9am PST)

Guest Speakers:

Matt Roberts- Chief Strategy Officer, Linkdex, @matthewroberts

Chris Hart- Client Development, Linkdex, @chris_hart

Mark Richardson- SEO Associate, Transamerica, @ThaDamage


Space is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot today!

RECAP- Live with Linkdex Webinar: SEO Trends & Predictions for 2015

Thank you to all who joined us last Thursday for our first Live with Lindkex Webinar where we discussed SEO Trends & Predictions for 2015. We would also like to thank our guests Chris Hart, Danny Goodwin and Simon Heseltine for hosting a successful event.


For those of you who missed it, we’ve uploaded a recording of the webinar:


Live with Linkdex: SEO Trends & Predications for 2015 (Dec 11th 2014) from Linkdex on Vimeo.


We also asked the audience to submit questions for our experts to answer post webinar, please find those below:

SH = Simon Heseltine’s answers (@SimonHeseltine)

CH = Chris Hart’s answers (@Chris_Hart)

DG = Danny Goodwin’s answers (@DannyNMIGoodwin)


Kent Y. asked:

Are you seeing any correlation of sites that begin using adwords ads improving organic rankings?



We’re not doing much in the way of adwords, so I can’t say we’ve seen it, plus Google is fairly adamant that they don’t do this, and if they did favor those who paid over those who didn’t, then there’d be the potential for relevancy issues / users not finding what they want to find when they search.  It’s exactly why the concept of “Paid Inclusion” in the search engines died out a long, long time ago.



With Google’s initiatives to crawl more unique content more quickly, what you might be noticing is an increase in their ability to place ads that are more contextually matched to the users query and that content. This is of-course all speculation on my part.



It’s been said many times, but it bears repeating: correlation is not causation. A site may use the ads to build awareness initially, but perhaps that site is so user-friendly and relevant that it generates buzz about how amazing it is. Search volume starts to grow. Traffic starts to grow. People don’t bounce off the site because they couldn’t find what they needed. Google will take notice. So it all goes back to doing all the right things for users first.


Claude C. asked:

What do you suggest for a good and concrete seo/sem/digital strategy for a travel Start Up company. Thanks



What’s your USP? Are you selling cheap package holidays / high end vacations / unusual experiences?  What’s the lifetime value of a customer to you? What’s an acceptable cost of customer acquisition? Once you’ve got these all figured out, you can trial things on the paid side, optimizing conversions, etc. and use that data to help you target on the organic side.  The travel space is a very crowded marketplace, with quite a few large players, but there are niches where a nimble company can find a cost effective foothold.



Aside from the big and obvious things (optimizing your site and ensuring you’re mobile-friendly, etc.), you should think about where your potential customers are in the purchase funnel. People search differently, depending on what stage they’re at. So make sure you have all the bases covered. Make sure you have content for people who are just beginning to think about traveling, people who know where they want to go and need more information, and what you can do to ensure when people are ready to buy that you’re able to persuade them to buy from you. By building your strategy

using the purchase funnel as the starting point of your strategy, you can then tailor site content and ads based on searcher intent

Mimi S. asked:

How much of an effect will links have in 2015?



I think that the same atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and doubt over links that we’ve seen since the first Penguin rolled out will continue through 2015.   Yandex (the Russian Search Engine) announced that they had moved to a link-free index  last year, but at the same time Google stated that they’d tested a link free index and it did not look good at all.

Is it possible that they’re still testing this?  Yes, of course it is, but it’s more likely that with the concentration on refining Penguin, this isn’t a high priority right now.



I personally believe that links will continue to get harder to earn in 2015 as such the focus on quality will continue to increase. This shift along with the algo updates mentioned above, will naturally result in a difference in how links are valued.



The importance of links won’t go away any time soon. Links from trusted, relevant sites will be as valuable as ever. Lower quality links may work short-term in certain industries, but generally they will all be neutral, or worst case scenario, could result in a penalty and being completely removed from Google. As Matt Cutts said earlier this year: “I would expect for the next few years we will continue to use links in order to assess the basic reputation of pages and of sites.”

Matthew M. asked:

Do you think with the amount of domain names running out… will .net or .org domain names ever be up to par with .com’s in 2015?



I don’t think that we’ll see the .net, .tv, or .us names jumping up to the par of .com domains any time soon.  I don’t see many .co’s ranking for terms, and I’ve yet to see any of the new <a href=””>gTLDs</a> ranking for… well, anything.  That may change as they start to build up links and gain a head of steam, but it remains to be seen.





Sam S. asked:

What are some best practices or key trends you’ve noticed that brands should build into their strategies for 2015?



In a word – Mobile.  In more than a word, spend part of Jan evaluating your site, look at what needs to get you up to 2014 best practices, then worry about 2015 best practices.


On Momentology, we asked this question of 45 experts. Mobile is still a big opportunity for sites. Video is also a big opportunity for sites to gain visibility both in Google and on YouTube, which is also the second largest search engine. Other trends to think about: creating content with context; how you can personalize your website for your users; ways you can make a deeper connection with consumers. You can read what they said in “SEO Trends 2015: 45 Experts On The Future Of Search”

If you have any questions or perhaps a suggest for a topic that you would like to see discussed on a “Live with Linkdex” webinar, please feel free to to send an email to:

Thank you again to all of those who attended and we look forward to seeing you again for our next webinar in January where we discuss “Aligning your Search & Content Strategies.”

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