Things I love in Linkdex: Advanced Search in Visibility

The Linkdex platform has a huge number of advanced features and use cases that can easily be missed. This is a series of posts that gives me the ability to share them with you.

Today’s focus is the Advanced Filter in Visibility. But before I can tell you about the Advanced Search feature I had better tell you about Visibility.

Visibility is where we give clients the ability to type in a domain and get immediate ranking results in addition to lots of other domain KPI’s like:

  1. Keyword counts by ranking ranges
  2. Number of ranking pages
  3. Estimated traffic from Organic Search
  4. Equivalent PPC value of Organic Search Traffic

List point 2 ‘Number of ranking pages’ is actually worthy of a post by itself. To my knowledge it’s pretty unique and getting an instant view on the amount of ranking content a domain has is a really valuable metric.

A Literal Comparison Of Apples

Anyway, back to the feature I love. Advanced Search. When you want to compare domain A with B and C it’s highly likely that the websites you’re comparing are similar but not the same. Therefore you’re not comparing an apple with an apple. More a green apple with a red apple. Think about comparing a mobile phone retailer like T Mobile with Best Buy. It’s interesting, but they are different businesses and I really only want to compare iPhone keywords.

The solution is Advanced Search in Visibility. It’s a fast way to compare domains, categories and products, whilst excluding keywords that might make the comparison less valid.

Here’s the feature in action:

1. T-Mobile vs Best Buy

Here are list points 1 – 4 for the domain comparison. You can see that comparing the Organic Search performance of these two domains side-by-side is not that useful.

Linkdex Visibility

2. A Much Better ‘iPhone’ Performance Comparison

I’ve done a positive search for iPhone and exclude ‘tmobile’, ‘t mobile’, ‘case’, ‘cases’, ‘best buy’, and ‘bestbuy’. The story is very different and you can see that Best Buy is winning the rank, content, traffic and value battle. (Note: I could add AND operators in there to e.g. “iphone AND sim”.)

Linkdex Visibility 2

Linkdex Visibility 3
The take-out from this is Best Buy have over 1,500 keywords ranking in the high clickthrough ranking position of 1 – 3. T-Mobile has less than 200.

One of the drivers of this appears to be the pages that are ranking where Best Buy has about 700 more.

The combination of the above are resulting in much greater traffic and value being created.

If you’re T-Mobile and you want to then track keywords you’re not rank tracking and optimizing in the Linkdex platform for, it’s a few clicks to do this, tagging them as you do it with tags like ‘iPhone’ perhaps.

Even better, this takes a few seconds to do for any domain. Which is perfect for strategy creation, market analysis and SEO reporting. Try it out.

Linkdex Updates: New Features Added

Linkdex is constanly updating the platform to make it better for you. To keep you informed on all our changes we are now giving you a monthly update on all the changes to the platform. Of course we are happy to inform you in person as well, but here’s a quick update!

Advanced Forecasting

Earlier this month we ran a survey to better understand industry opinion on forecasting; is it worth it? Is it difficult? Is it accurate? You can read the full results here though the general findings are that forecasting is incredibly important for justifying incremental revenue or winning pitches, though is time consuming and often inaccurate.

We have since launched our Advanced Forecasting feature; this allows our users to reduce time spent on forecasting using our one click model. You can better manage expectations using the High, Medium or Low impact scenarios and focus on particular campaigns or keyword groups. It allows you to set a campaign length and forecast over a defined time period. For more information visit our Advanced Forecasting features page.

Forecasting Example 2

Advanced Visibility Features

We have made it even easier for you to analyse data within our visibility feature, you can include or exclude certain keywords, search by value or volume and universal results allowing you to get to the information you need more easily.

Ranking and CPC

Previously clients had to upload their own custom metrics, however now the monthly search volume and CPC data should is sourced by default from the circa 160m keyword database and updated monthly, and the updates will be distributed through the month.

Stay tuned for more new features in the upcoming months!

European Search Awards: Linkdex Gathered Four Nominations

The European Search Awards organizers have released their 2015 shortlist, and we’re thrilled to announce that Linkdex has been nominated four times for three different categories.

Here’s what Linkdex was nominated for:

Innovation Software

Our Entity Search tool has been nominated on the Software Innovation category. Entity Search is a new type of search engine that allows SEO, PR and Social teams to prioritize outreach based on what is going to be read, not just said, in search engines.

With Entity Search you can search over a billion nodes of data and get the insights you needs on the web, the domains, the people writing content and their performance. Here’s how it works:

Best Search Software Tool

We’ve earned two nominations in this category: one for our Entity Search and one for our Advanced Forecasting tool.

The new and improved Advanced SEO Forecasting allows any member of your team to easily forecast changes in rank, traffic, and conversions in response to different scenarios and forecast progress through time. You’ll be able to understand the potential outcomes of your SEO campaigns based on how aggressive or conservative you wish to be.

Forecasting SEO ROI isn’t easy, but we believe this tool makes the lives of digital marketers easier.

Best SEO Software Suite

We won the Best SEO Software Suite award at last year’s show. Once again, we’ve been shortlisted in this category by the European Search Awards.

Our platform has changed and evolved so much since last year. We’re providing our clients with even smarter data that they need to see further and successfully manage their SEO activity.

We’re looking forward to the awards ceremony, which will take place on the 22nd of April in Berlin. Hopefully we’ll get Table 9 again, but regardless of that we’re sure to have an amazing time.

Goof luck to all the brands and agencies shortlisted. See you in Berlin!

Survey Results: How important is forecasting SEO?

Last week we spoke to some SEOs in both agency and in-house roles across all levels of responsibility regarding forecasting; we wanted to understand how often we’re doing it as an industry, how accurate it is and how important we think it can be for creating a business case and getting the appropriate channel investment.

Here are the key highlights:

Nearly 78% of respondents at least sometimes forecast their activity and only 4% never provide a forecast

I forecast the output of my activity and-or receive forecasts from partners

However, 92% of SEOs asked agreed that forecasting is time consuming 

Easy SEO forecasting

1 in 4 responded that forecast results are not close to actual outcomes

SEO Forecasting

68% believe that forecasting helps to positively manage a client’s expectations and a total of 64% of SEOs asked believe that financial decisions are affected by forecasts; either in winning pitches or increasing investment, with slightly more SEOs who work in-house reporting this to be the case.

Financial investments are made based on forecast results

Respondent Breakdown
Job Type
Agency 58%
In-house 37%
Other 5%

The findings cemented what we thought to be the case; that forecasting is increasingly important for winning pitches and getting the appropriate investment for your activity, however it can be time consuming and is often inaccurate. We’re operating in an industry in which our activity is targeted against thousands of various ranking metrics, against multiple competitors and in a landscape that is always evolving; providing a completely accurate forecast is an ambitious challenge, however we can make it easier, we can make it faster and we can continue to get better at it and continue to prove the massive opportunities and revenues that investing in the organic space can bring.

Thank you to all those who contributed and helped us to continue understanding our channel and it’s experts.

“Thinking outside the Search Box” Link-up with Linkdex at DMX Dublin

DMX Dublin is Ireland’s Largest Digital Marketing Conference. The world class conference agenda attracts top digital marketers from all over the world to the capital of the Emerald Isle for one action packed day of great talks, workshops, and networking.


This years event takes place on March 11th, and Linkdex’s Global Head of Insights, Jono Alderson will be giving a talk on “Grown up SEO: Thinking outside the search box”.

Jono will be speaking at 12:10pm. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Here’s an exclusive snippet on what to expect:

“The SEO industry tells you that it’s maturing. That it’s doing proper, sophisticated marketing. That it’s a proper channel, and not just a set of tactics. But it’s still just a poor cousin to paid search. It’s still obsessed about rankings. It’s still thinking about mechanics, and not the consumer.”

However, some companies are breaking the mold, and those are the ones reaping significant rewards. Jono aims to share some snapshots into the way in which Linkdex is working with some of the world’s biggest companies to completely – and uniquely – reinvent how they think about SEO, and how they’re becoming truly consumer-centric in their approaches.

John Straw, Co-Founder of Linkdex, Chairman of Thomas Cook’s Digital Advisory Board, and author of iDisrupted, a book on disruptive technology, will also be speaking at the event.

If you’re going to DMX Dublin, be sure to drop by both John and Jono’s talks.

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