What Is SEO Now, In 2015?

SEO is crit­i­cal for your brand or busi­ness to be found at the moments when con­sumers are search­ing for things you sell or know lots about.

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Research has shown that a major­i­ty of con­sumers place great trust in the results they see in Google and oth­er search engines. Con­sid­er­ing that many con­sumers begin their shop­ping jour­ney on search engines, and con­tin­ue using search engines through­out the deci­sion jour­ney, a search engine opti­miza­tion (SEO) strat­e­gy is essen­tial. It’s crit­i­cal to make sure that your brand or busi­ness is found at the moments when con­sumers are search­ing for the things you sell or know lots about.

We here at Momen­tol­ogy are proud to announce the arrival of SEO Now 2015. Cre­at­ed in part­ner­ship with Linkdex, the new ebook will give you a com­plete view of why organ­ic search vis­i­bil­i­ty is so impor­tant to busi­ness­es and brands in 2015.

SEO Now 2015 brings togeth­er experts opin­ions and knowl­edge and helps any CMO, senior mar­keter, or any­one involved with any search activ­i­ty, gain an edge in their SEO plan­ning. It pin­points exact­ly where to start and what areas you should cov­er on the chan­nel, which offers the high­est ROI.

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More than just an explo­ration of the state of SEO, SEO Now 2015 tries to help rede­fine and mod­ern­ize the mean­ing of the dis­ci­pline, with unique insights from 24 indus­try thought-lead­ers, includ­ing Eric Enge, Julie Joyce, Gian­lu­ca Fiorel­li, Bill Slaws­ki, Aley­da Solis, Pad­dy Moogan, and Mike Gre­han. Top­ics cov­ered include:

  • Organ­ic search strat­e­gy
  • Inter­na­tion­al SEO strat­e­gy
  • Ana­lyt­ics
  • Tech­ni­cal SEO (Gen­er­al, News, Trav­el, Ecom­merce, Finance, Health Care)
  • Con­tent strat­e­gy
  • Link build­ing
  • Con­ver­sion rate opti­miza­tion
  • Organ­ic search busi­ness and mar­ket­ing intel­li­gence
  • SEO report­ing.

SEO today is mul­ti­fac­eted. SEO is part of all things mar­ket­ing, and all things mar­ket­ing are part of SEO.

At the heart of it all, SEO now is con­sumer-cen­tric. Users will deter­mine whether you suc­ceed or fail. Brands and busi­ness­es must learn to con­sid­er what the user wants and needs first, and then devel­op strate­gies to be vis­i­ble and per­sua­sive at those cru­cial moments when a con­sumer is search­ing for a prod­uct, ser­vice, or infor­ma­tion.

Get­ting an under­stand­ing of the cus­tomer jour­ney is vital. And that is what SEO Now 2015 will help you do.

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Danny Goodwin

Written by Danny Goodwin

Managing Editor, Momentology

Danny Goodwin is the former Managing Editor of Momentology. Previously, he was the editor of Search Engine Watch, where he was in charge of editing, content strategy, and writing about search industry news.

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