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Linkdex is the platform of choice for many successful in-house SEO teams, working independently or with their agencies. Linkdex offers not just SEO data and reporting, but the ability to work as an integrated team, sharing market intelligence and data with other teams, breaking down silos, increasing investment and getting results fast.

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Work Smart, Exceed Targets and Transform with Linkdex

Utilize the powerful features of Linkdex to revolutionize your in-house workflow.

Automate the generation of stunning reports in the format of your choice. Send as they are, supplement or edit. It's your call.

  • Tap into Excel documents with native charts, tables and worksheet data or PDF formats
  • Access templates and custom themes
  • Utilize scheduled or immediate report generation
  • Harness the world’s best SEO data

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Use data insights to focus your creative, technical and outreach resources on the activities that are most impactful.

  • Plan the SEO landing pages you need to be found all the way through the purchase funnel
  • Take action to make your most valuable content rank higher, drive more traffic and grow revenue
  • Inspire and inform creative teams with research on what content is getting shared and linked to

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Smarter, more accurate forecasting is what drives the business of SEO and content marketing. Linkdex’s new advanced forecasting functionality is both smart and easy to use.

  • Forecast traffic, value and conversions in a single click for channels, keyword groups and pages
  • Use models that know that it’s harder to get from position 5 to 1 than 20 to 10 to make forecasts more realistic
  • Utilize High, Medium and Low and through-time scenarios to show what can be achieved by when
  • Fall in love with Forecasting’s flexibility and ease of use

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You’re not working in a silo, so share more of your unique insights on channel economics, keyword and consumer behavior, content requirements, influencers and more with the rest of your business.

  • Benefit from channel and department synergies by sharing better data and reports
  • Raise the profile of organic search and the opportunity it provides to engage with searchers
  • Enjoy better performance thanks to better business integration

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Helping you understand your search ecosystem.

Linkdex empowers in-house teams to better understand their consumers’ needs.

“Organic search is a massive opportunity. Our consumers want to buy the right handset and they do a lot of research. So the opportunity isn't just in search engine rankings, it is in getting a better understanding of where consumers go in the wider digital ecosystem and exploring how we can work with third party sites and influence consumers as they are conducting their research. Linkdex has helped us do this.”

Thomas Messett

Thomas Messett

European Head of Digital Marketing at Microsoft Mobile

The Ultimate Professional Services Support

Give your team access to the right professionals and data at the right time.

Linkdex Professional Services provides in-house management and operational teams with access to market-leading organic search professionals, data analysts, lab innovations and unique un-productized Linkdex data. If you want to combine the Linkdex platform with unique actionable data insights for competitive advantage, let's talk.

Discover why brands and agencies choose Linkdex

  • Get started fast with easy onboarding & training
  • Import and connect data from other platforms
  • Scale with your business, websites and markets
  • Up-skill teams with training & accreditation
  • Build workflows with tasks, reporting and alerts

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