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What happens next?

When you inquire about a demo, one of our dedicated onboarding specialists will get in touch with you promptly, and deliver a tailored demo experience.

They'll research your organization and your sector, and come prepared with insight into how the platform can benefit you by providing unique data and insights. They'll identify opportunities and give an overview of Linkdex highlights, including support, scalable infrastructure, and methodologies that will ultimately help you win your market.

What's in the demo?

That's up to you! Linkdex has features ranging from reporting and market analysis tools to content planning and outreach, as well as task management and beyond. We'll listen to your feedback, and guide you through the components that are most relevant to you.

Whether it's granualar exploration of our Advanced Forecasting and its filtering capabilities, or a high-level exploration of our Entity Search system, we'll guide the experience to best support you.

How does onboarding work?

If you like what you see, we'll design a pricing plan based on the type and amount of data we expect you'll use. You can read more about our pricing tiers here.

Onboarding includes training for all users and consists of interactive material, face-to-face and online support and training programs as agreed. A straightforward process, our dedicated teams will aid in the gathering of historic data if applicable and provide complete support of the setup of your account.

Training & Process

Linkdex's world-class Account Management teams provide individually crafted training programs for the Linkdex platform that are catered to your team's needs.

We provide access to interactive collateral -- including our Accreditation Program -- as well as manuals, videos and webinars. Linkdex clients also receive face-to-face training with their account managers, along with rapid responses from the Linkdex support desk, which is manned across the globe.