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James Murray, UK Search Advertising Lead at Microsoft, discusses why understanding human context is becoming increasingly important to determine the relevance of the results being served.

Ian Daniels, Head of Digital at Yard Digital, speaks about attribution and content measurement, bringing agency experience and insights to the topic.

Matt Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer at Linkdex, talks about the evolution of SEO Now, and how we should be planning for 2016.

Martin Jones, Managing Partner at AAR Group, discuses how for both clients and agencies, the pitch should be the start of a meaningful relationship, looking at what both sides need to consider throughout the pitch.

Dan Cave shares insights from have developed and maintain a truly data-driven process. He shares great insight on processes for internal collaboration on product development, and their entire analytics tracking stack.

Dara Fitzgerald talks about how to unlock the power of Google Analytics. He walks through some of the advantages of enhanced ecommerce, processes for effective tagging, and hands out a bunch of useful tips-and-tricks.