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Linkdex was founded in 2009 to help brands and their agencies grow and lead this business-critical channel. Now we employ over 80 people between London, New York and California.

We are very proud of the company we keep

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The Company

Our history, and how we established the world's leading SEO platform

The Company

We are proud to be the foundation upon which clients successfully manage their SEO activity and maximize delivery against brand and acquisition goals.

Linkdex is the world’s leading SEO platform for in-house teams and their agencies. Over 200 such teams, covering thousands of brands, utilize the Linkdex Enterprise SEO platform across the globe, with the vast majority of the world’s largest advertising and SEO agencies using it as their primary solution.

Meet the Management Team

Mark SmithJennifer HoffmanJono AldersonMatt RobertsMarcus Williams
Marc BlumbergPhil BlackmanMartin ArmstrongKirsty HulseCormac Loughran
Collette EastonJames ChantPaul CoombsChristopher HartChris Thom

“Moments” and momentology.

As you start to think more about consumers, including what they see, think and do, you’ll quickly realize that although SEO is the dominant channel they use throughout the purchase funnel, they also click on ads and affiliate links, use social media, visit physical locations and more.

These interactions are moments. And that’s precisely why Linkdex coined the study of consumers, moments and the need for marketers to position themselves accordingly as “Momentology.”

We’ve also launched an independent publication by that name as an additional resource for the digital and search marketing communities. If you’re starting to integrate teams and think more about consumers and the journeys they take on the path to purchase, you’ll love Momentology.

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