Powerful features put data at your fingertips.

Linkdex offers structured process and procedure that cover everything from workflow to reporting, helping you to do more faster, including:

  • Consistent and easy-to-use data analysis and reporting
  • Fast adoption and onboarding
  • Intuitive task and workflow software designed for SEO
  • Scalability as your business grows
  • Clear competitive advantages that help you outsmart competitors

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Unique Strategic and Operational Data

Linkdex provides the data you need to create better strategies and achieve more, faster. Not only is our data comprehensive and extensive, much of it is unique to Linkdex, and can become the source of your competitive advantage.

  • Get deep domain, page and keyword level data insights, now
  • Create strategies that grow revenue and succeed
  • Use smarter forecasts to improve channel investments
  • Provide business intelligence to key stakeholder teams

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World-Class Reporting

Automate the generation of stunning reports in the format of your choice. Send as they are, supplement or edit. It's your call.

  • Generate Excel documents with native charts, tables and worksheet data or PDF formats
  • Access templates and custom themes
  • Utilize scheduled or immediate report generation
  • Harness the world’s best SEO data

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Global Support

Our account management teams in New York, Los Angeles and London will ensure you're up and running fast. That means your teams will be fully onboarded and experts in our data and platform in no time at all.

  • Enjoy convenient online and on-site training
  • Access unlimited support
  • Tap into our expert Professional Services option
  • Showcase your expertise with Linkdex Accreditation

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Search Experience Optimization: Managing the Wider Ecosystem

Linkdex allows you to discover user behavior and think beyond just your domain.

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The Evolution of SEO

SEO has evolved. Together with our clients, we're driving this evolution in a direction that puts the searcher at the heart of everything we do. Although this sounds like an obvious step, it's not how most SEOs and marketing teams always think and behave.

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Consumer Behavior

Consumers search. They browse. They open ten tabs, discovering, comparing and considering on multiple devices.

They form opinions over time, which determine who they shop with. Your site -- your brand -- is only one piece of the puzzle. Linkdex helps you with your website, but also to manage that wider ecosystem -- to understand and influence the content people see and the perceptions they build of companies, products and services. This is what we call Search Experience Optimization.

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Linkdex Empowers You to Optimize

Choosing Linkdex means not just managing your website and its content in really smart ways. It also means that when you and your marketing team are ready, thinking bigger and wider, we can help make your plans a reality. We can help you move from single entity optimization to search experience optimization and to optimize for the entire consumer search process.

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