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This isn't the future.
This is SEO Now.

Linkdex is a privately owned, Venture Capital backed global business that's on a phenomenal growth trajectory.

Organic search is huge – but it’s a frequently misunderstood and an underinvested channel.

We’re making organic search a viable, predictable and sustainable media channel. The highest ROI channel for brand marketers there is. And we think that’s rather exciting.

And we’re not the only ones.
We’ve got the plaudits to prove it.

What we’re doing now.
For global, successful brands.

We optimize search engine optimization. We modify and adjust our core platform to meet your exact requirements. It evolves as your business and the digital landscape evolve. We guide you through the now of SEO.

If you don’t think search is complex, frankly, you’re not doing it right. Search is. But we make it much easier to manage and understand. We make it straightforward to maximize and amplify your organic search efforts. And we take a consultative approach, with a five-step plan from initial implementation to roll-out to everyday use.

You’ll be onboard. Fast.

Consumers are doing this now.

See, for the consumer, search has become second nature. And that's why it's imperative. Even if a client or customer has bought from you before, 50 percent of the time, they'll still start the buying process with Google. So when they do search, are they going to find you?

Brands are doing this now.

Take a look at who's using our technology now. They're names you'll recognize. And part of the reason you recognize them is because they're taking full advantage of SEO Now.

Linkdex clients

You need to act. Now.

This isn't about the future. This isn't about what you've been doing previously.
This is about now. It's about control. It's about brand. It’s about growth.
It's about not having to guess.
It's about time you gave us a call.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith


After 12 years in traditional publishing, during which Mark launched and edited over 50 sporting and entertainment magazines, Mark moved into new media before joining (latterly TMN Group), listed on the London Stock Exchange as CEO. Through organic and acquisitional growth, TMN Group grew from sub £1m revenues to over £60m, and its valuation rocketed to near £100m. Mark joined Linkdex a few years ago to head up the commercials and is now at the helm as CEO.

Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts

Chief Strategy Officer

Matt has worked in marketing for over 20 years with SEO being his focus for nearly a decade. He’s the co-founder and the driving force behind the product. He works with our clients across the globe to discover opportunities to use data, insights and processes to grow organic traffic and revenues. Matt ensures we measure, help improve and report on the things that impact performance the most. Giving Linkdex clients an unfair advantage.

Collette Easton

Collette Easton

VP Enterprise

Collette has been involved in SEO since 2001 working on some of the biggest brands in the UK and is now responsible for building and nurturing long term client relationships. After 6 years in the Royal Air Force she was instrumental in the successful sale of a start-up and was involved in the creation and lead of a search division inside a large media, publishing & webdesign agency, which delivered profit inside 12 months. Collette is a mother and enjoys the beauty of shoes, in volume.

Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong


Martin studied Engineering at Cambridge followed by a DPhil at Oxford. In ‘real life’ he started as Software Engineer at Psion, progressing over several years to be the Project Manager delivering the Symbian OS for multiple phone manufacturers including Nokia. Since 2004 he has become CTO for a range of start-ups in London and is now the CTO of Linkdex.