Enterprise SEO Software. For the moments you need to be found.

That looks good.
One for my short-list.

All of those look great.
Which is best for me?

Time to book that ticket.
Where’s my phone?

I want one of these.
What are the reviews like?

I need more of these.
Where’s the best deal?

That looks awesome.
I’m going to Google it.

It's that moment. The moment when a consumer needs to find you. Our enterprise SEO software will ensure you're there for them.

Fifty percent of what consumers buy starts with organic search. And, frequently, it doesn’t even matter if they’re already loyal to your brand; half the time the buying process starts with organic search. Booking an airplane ticket. Search. Looking for a restaurant. Search. Hiring a car. Search.

So first, your brand needs to be visible in search. Then, it needs to be influential. Persuasive. Trusted. Linkdex lets you do this. Because this is SEO now. And it isn’t just consumers looking for things.

Be More Visible. Become More Persuasive. Get SEO Now.

Linkdex Unlocks the Full Potential of Search

Linkdex is an immensely powerful and complete suite of features and functionality that, through organic search, allows you to boost your visibility, influence the people that matter most, analyze team activities, report on SEO performance – and radically enhance your reputation. Everything you need’s all in one place. Linkdex has a solution to fit your budget. And it’s available now.

So you should act now. Because tomorrow, now will be yesterday.

Linkdex clients

Designed for SEO Now.

Linkdex evolves technically to reflect what’s happening in search now. It replaces disparate tools that all work differently and instead puts all of your SEO data, workflow and reporting on one convenient platform. You can’t get the data that Linkdex provides anywhere else. And no other platform in the world offers you such completeness.

Linkdex Reporting

Reporting. Get Stunning Presentations – with a Couple of Clicks.

Forget clumsy PDFs. Linkdex lets you create enterprise SEO reports straight into PowerPoint. So now you can share the insights Linkdex provides with stakeholders virtually instantly and in a readily useable format.

Linkdex gives you:

  • Search visibility and share of search (or market share reporting)
  • Multi-channel performance reporting
  • Content performance reporting
  • Senior management reporting

Naturally, everything’s customizable and you can’t get this level of reporting anywhere else.

Industry-leading Ranking Intelligence

How visible are you? What can you do to increase your visibility? Which influencers are talking about you? And how do their networks fit together? Linkdex shows you.

It gives you immediate domain and page visibility data for your domains and you can measure them against those of your competitors. See weekly and daily ranking data in over 200 countries, on five engines, across mobile and desktop and by city, town, zip code and more.

Then, with Linkdex, you can combine your visibility data with deep insights on trends, domains, pages, and people. The very fabric of your digital landscape. What underpins the value and visibility of your brand.


Do What Your People Do Best – But Better

Linkdex takes the guesswork out of improving your activities. Now, you don’t have to think – you’ll know. With High Impact Tasks (HITs), you’ll align your teams, generate more effective workflows and, in turn, build traffic through optimal search. Linkdex comes complete with workflow management so your teams can focus on the highest value activities.

Marketing Measurement

Content Marketing and Measurement.

With Content 360 and Content Tracker functionality on the Linkdex platform, you’ll know, understand and be able to evaluate, react, predict and plan. Get the insights you need at site, page group and individual URL level.

Specifically, Linkdex lets you:

  • Report on value created from the content you publish and promote – whole sites, folders or groups of pages
  • Combine trusted and traditional SEO metrics with analytics, social media and backlink data
  • Research and plan content strategies with our insights and your creativity
  • Find out which content works – what people and other organizations want to share
Crawl Data

Yes, You’ve Got Crawl Data. Here’s the V8 Version.

Linkdex has unsurpassed crawling functionality to give you the information you need to boost the effectiveness of your sites. Then, you can add workflow management and assign your teams to the tasks with the most potential.

And whether your site has hundreds, thousands or millions of pages, whether it’s released or still in production, Linkdex can cope.

Who Are the World's Most Important Influencers?

Linkdex gives a view of influencers on Google and Twitter. By topic, by country and by language. Nobody else can do this. Who's authoritative and why? Where are they writing? And what's being read by your customers - potential and existing? What's driving their behaviour?

What's more, Linkdex gives you the ability to microtarget. Build the optimal list. Reach the people that matter fast.

SEO Now means getting access to the world's most comprehensive database of pages, people, sites, links and social profiles. Can you really afford to be without it?

Capture the Contact, Manage Your Outreach

As well as finding the right people, Linkdex can store them and help you manage your outreach. Then, with exclusive functionality, you’ll be able to see the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns and easily analyze their impact.

Linkdex combines influencer identification, content capture and outreach management.

Manage the Management

Manage the Management

No other platform gives you such comprehensive reporting and insights so quick. With Linkdex, you’ll be more responsive and agile. Someone asks you a question? There’s no ‘I guess I’ll come back to you in a few days’. That’s useless. Linkdex gives you the enterprise SEO insights you need now. Right now.

Business Intelligence for the Taking. And Giving

With Linkdex you can get the unique business intelligence you need to help guide you through the complexities of commerce. It improves your organic search performance and, what's more, the intelligence is readily sharable, useable and understandable. Pass it to other marketing departments to help them optimize their performance as well as the Organic Search channel. Demonstrate how search is working for you to team members and the board. Analyze how visible you are to your customers and prospects in organic search. With devastating efficiency.

Monitor Global Performance at a Glance

Whether nationally or internationally, some of your territories will performing better than others. That’s life. But with Linkdex you can view and monitor your brand’s successes and apply the same thinking to make improvements elsewhere. The data Linkdex gives you is accessible, shareable and as useful as it is usable.

So now you really can think globally and act locally.


Analytics. Simplified, enhanced and made friendly.

The analytics you use every day from Google and Adobe SiteCatalyst plug straight in and become even more powerful when combined with all the other functionality Linkdex offers.

Linkdex turns information into being informed.

Getting Onboard Is Easy

Getting onboard with Linkdex in five straightforward steps.

Our Global Enterprise and Insights Team will help you:

  • Define objectives
  • Capture data insight, operational & reporting requirements
  • Set-up stakeholders, users and permissions
  • Import continuity data like historic rankings
  • Define and authorise third-party integrations e.g. Analytics
  • Agree reporting requirements - Audience, insights, format, frequency
  • Agree a project plan

We get to work to configure Linkdex to meet your requirements.

We educate you and your team on how to use the platform.

We work with you to ensure you Linkdex experience matches your requirements and expectations.

Like your business and the digital landscape, Linkdex evolves, too. And your Account Management team will be on hand to ensure you always get the most from the platform.

Trusted Globally by Brands & Agencies

Linkdex clients

Welcome to Linkdex.

This is SEO Now.

So you want to be even more visible. You want to influence the influencers. You want to manage your teams more effectively, enhance your outreach and get answers now. Of course you do.

Implementing Linkdex is surprisingly easy and affordable. It’s what brands are doing now. In a few weeks, you can be leading, not chasing.

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