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Can you assess web pages at a glance and tell which one gets more estimated visits from organic search?

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How to play

Click the page which your instinct tells you gets the most monthly organic visits.

Score points for correct answers. There are 10 rounds. See how your score compares to others!

Don't forget...

You're looking at the page, not the domain, and how many organic visits it gets from the keywords it ranks for.

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How much is SEO about gut-feeling and experience, and how much is hard data? And if instinct is important, how good is yours?

And what about the searcher? Are we programmed, as people, to make decision on companies, pages, and products instantly? Or are we more sophisticated? Are we in control of our shopping and search experiences, or are we just driven by instinct? There's something in both arguments.

The reality is that, as SEOs, we need a foot in each camp. We need to be data-driven and we need to be creative, and let our humanity shine through in the websites we build, the content we publish and brands we support.

Jono Alderson

Thanks for playing!

Jono Alderson
Head of Insight

About the Data

All of the data in this game is powered by Linkdex; an award-winning, enterprise SEO and digital marketing SAAS platform.

One of the many unique data sources Linkdex provides you is called Visibility. It’s this data that’s behind this game, and where you can get insights from over 100m of the world’s most valuable and important keywords at domain and page-level. The game uses data from August 2015.

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Test your #SEOinstinct

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